Skating super-fans from Toronto enjoying hospitality at Halifax event – Halifax

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Halifax is the place to be for figure skating fans this week as the national championships are underway, attracting attracting fans from across the country.

Bobbi Cochar is visiting with her mother Pat, and the pair are a couple of super-fans from Toronto.

“It’s a wonderful place, the people are so friendly,” she said.


The Halifax event runs until Sunday and features fan favourites, including three-time world champion Patrick Chan, who’s returning to the rink after a 20-month break. Many of the skaters are competing for a spot on the Skate Canada national team and a chance to represent Canada at the world championship in March.

Cochar’s mother said they spend a lot of time going to skating events.

“Everyone calls us a great team together and we are,” she said. “First one we ever went to was 1984 and it was worlds in Ottawa.”

Pat Cochar says their love for the sport blossomed on the ice.

“We both were ice dancers. My daughter was a much better ice dancer than myself, and we go to the rink because we love watching these people develop,” she said.

The two wear matching jackets filled with autographs they’ve collected over the years.

“My jacket is filled with the history of skating, with the current coaches and with a lot of the people who are at the top in the skating world,” said Pat.

Bobbi not only sports a similar ink-filled coat, but has also created 270 mini-souvenirs for all of the competitors.

“These are little skates that I make for all of the skaters and I put novice, junior or senior on the front and every skater gets one,” she said.

Full schedules and information for the event are available on the Skate Canada website.

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