Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump for president

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Republican nominee hopeful Donald Trump has the official blessing of Tea Party sweetheart Sarah Palin.

Palin joined Trump on stage at a rally in Iowa Tuesday evening to show her support.

“When I heard that she was going to endorse me, I was so honoured,” Trump said, as he introduced Palin to the stage.

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“Are you ready to make America great again?” Palin asked the crowd.

Palin said she was “stirring it up a little” in lending her support “To the next president.”

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“His power, his passion, is the fabric of America,” said Palin.

The endorsement comes just 12 days before the critical Iowa caucus, where Trump is in a dead heat with Sen. Ted Cruz.

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The former Alaska governor has some experience running for the White House —; she was pegged as presidential candidate John McCain’s VP in the 2008 election.

Also like Trump, Palin has been a reality TV star, appearing in Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Amazing America with Sarah Palin.

Trump and his tagline “You’re fired” got huge ratings on The Apprentice and spin-off Celebrity Apprentice.

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