Residents unhappy with proposed building, now two storeys taller – Halifax

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A proposed residential building that was not recommended by Halifax Regional Municipality staff partially because it was too tall for the area has returned for approval two storeys taller.

“We are not asking to change the neighbourhood,” said Greg Johnston, an architect for Paul Skerry Associates, which submitted the plan for Mythos Developments Ltd.

He spoke at a public meeting hosted by Districts 7 & 8 Planning Advisory Committee Monday evening about the design.

The nine-storey building, which would be erected at 6389 and 6395 North Street, would have 106 units.

Halifax Regional Municipality

The Halifax Forum’s Maritime Hall was where the meeting was held; about 150 people attended.

The 75-unit building was previously pitched to be erected at 6395 North Street and reach seven storeys in height.

It was not recommended because it was too tall, among other reasons detailed in a staff report (PDF).

Fast forward to 2016: the developer is now pitching a nine-storey, 106-unit version (PDF), which would be located at both 6389 and 6395 North Street.

“It grew, and it’s far, far, too dense and immense for the lot,” said Joan Fraser, who spoke at the meeting.

She added that, with a school nearby, the potential increased traffic could be dangerous.

The main issue was the size of the building, especially now that it’s even taller.

“We’re not saying ‘no’ to development. We’re just saying: ‘Why are you doing it like this?’” said Pat White. “I feel distrust.”

Johnston said the developer asked the community for feedback and made adjustments to the design accordingly.

Jennifer Watts, councillor for Halifax Peninsula North, said she’s keeping an “open mind” about the project.

The next step for the proposal is for it to be seen by the Planning Advisory Committee, which will make some recommendations; a staff report could be in councillors’ hands in about four to six months, she said.


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