North Shore Rescue leader remembers Tim Jones: ‘We are always thinking about what he would have done’

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Two years after his death, the legacy of longtime North Shore Rescue leader Tim Jones continues to live on.

Jones died of a heart attack on Jan.19, 2014 while returning from the team cabin on Mount Seymour. He was 57 years old.

His death came as a complete shock to many.

North Shore Rescue volunteer Mike Danks, who took over Jones as the leader of the team, says there is not a rescue that happens that he does not reflect back to what Jones would do.


“We are all always thinking about what he would have done, and Tim would have gone to the end of the world to rescue someone. He would stop at nothing,” says Danks.

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Jones volunteered with North Shore Rescue for more than 20 years, taking part in more than 1,500 searches, rescuing more than a 1,000 people and saving many lives.

Many remember him as a mentor, who inspired younger generations and fulfilled his dream of making North Shore Rescue one of the best search-and-rescue crews in North America.

Danks says he feels Jones made sure it was an easy transition for whoever comes after him to lead the team.

“I feel in the last couple of years before he passed away, he was making sure that the team would function without him. Because of that, it took a lot of pressure off me stepping into his role,” he says.

Danks says many people don’t realize how passionate and caring Jones was.

“Tim drove me nuts because we spoke on the phone every day, multiple times,” says Danks. “But that was just how he rolled. His entire life was his family and the rescue team. He really valued the friendships that he had on the team and throughout the community.”

Remembering Tim Jones on the first anniversary of his death


Remembering Tim Jones on the first anniversary of his death


Honouring Tim Jones


Remembering Tim Jones


Impact of Tim Jones’ sudden death


Tributes pour in for Tim Jones

Since Jones’ passing, Danks says the team has been making a lot of progress.

Without Jones’ help as a paramedic, they had to train their members to a higher level of first aid and increase the level of their medical equipment, the kind of things Jones had planned for, but did not have time to implement.

“I think if Tim was here today, he would be very proud of where we evolved to,” says Danks.

There will be a small team memorial for Jones Tuesday night, where, Danks says, search-and-rescue members plan to share memories of their former leader and be there for his family. Jones is survived by his two children and wife.

Tim Jones Legacy fund 

Throughout his life, Jones worked tirelessly to raise funds for North Shore Rescue, which relies on donations for equipment and training.

After his death, a special legacy fund was set up to ensure the team can operate at the highest level.

The original goal was to raise $6 million for a long-term endowment, so that the team would be able to cover its $500,000 annual costs with the interest alone.

Over half a million dollars has been raised so far, but Danks says they are still hoping to reach their goal.

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The money raised through the fund goes to support the ongoing cost of running the team, such as vehicle maintenance, insurance and training courses. Danks says their radio licences alone cost the team $10,000 a year to maintain.

Danks says 2015 was North Shore Rescue’s 50th anniversary and the busiest year to date with 138 calls.

“We got a tremendous amount of support from the community, but it is challenging when you are living off public donations that can vary. You never know if you are going to get a donation or not. For us to try to have some sort of budget is very challenging. That’s why we are really striving to have the legacy fund so we have some sustained funding that we can work with.”

To donate to Tim Jones Legacy Fund, go here.

‘Tim Jones’ peak? 

The team is hopeful that a peak on Mt. Seymour will be re-named to honour Jones.

The peak between Pump Peak and the top of the mountain is only known as “2nd Peak” on local maps, and that can be a problem during rescues.

“He loved that peak. He was humble in his way, so I’m not sure he would have ever promoted it for himself, but I think it’s a real fitting tribute to a great man,” said North Shore Rescue’s Doug Pope.

Pope says he is not sure who came up with the idea of re-naming the peak, but the team has already started calling it Tim Jones Peak on their maps.

He says the province won’t consider naming a landmark after someone until at least two years after their death, but so far he’s heard nothing but support for the idea.

The proposal is currently in the public consultation stage.

“We are going to be doing everything we can to try to expedite the re-naming,” says Danks. “This is something we need to do for the Jones family and to pay respect to Tim for what he did for this community.”

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