NDG gymnastics group still in limbo after more than two years

On 15/03/2019 by admin

MONTREAL — The borough of Côte-de-Neige-NDG handed out a $9,000 grant to the Flexart gymnastics organization after it was kicked out of the Snowdon Theatre for renovations.

But it’s hardly a substitute for a practice space.

“Nothing has happened,” said parent Petra Kocur.

Flexart was a long-time tenant of the closed Snowdon Theatre until October 2013, when officials told them they had to find new digs due to safety concerns.

More than two years later, the theatre is still closed and the membership of the group is less than half of what it was, Kocur said.

Officials believe that, as the recipients of a $9,000 grant given out Monday night, the group is benefiting from city efforts.

Borough Mayor Russell Copeman said the city has tried to find a permanent home for the group in vain.

“I don’t think the issue is money, the issue is space,” he said.

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