Gas price drops below 70 cents per litre in Edmonton

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EDMONTON — If you’re looking for cheap gas, you’re in luck. Several gas stations in Edmonton dropped their prices below 70 cents per litre overnight.

According to the website gasbuddy老域名购买, the Costco gas station on 149 Street was selling gas for 63.9 cents per litre Tuesday afternoon.

This is the lowest gas price Edmonton has seen in more than 10 years, according to the price-tracking website.

Gas prices in Edmonton over the last 10 years, according to gasbuddy老域名购买.

Credit: Gasbuddy老域名购买

Several other Edmonton stations are selling fuel between 64.5 cents per litre and 68.4 cents per litre.

Our neighbours to the south are also seeing some relief at the pumps, as gas prices in Calgary dropped to as low as 67.9 cents per litre Tuesday.

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    “All of the gasoline that we price, whether it is from British Columbia all the way to Thunder Bay, Ont. and everything in between, is based on what happens in the Chicago markets, and the upper U.S. Midwest refinery picture has been very poor over the past year,” petroleum analyst Dan McTeague said. “Demand has gone up and refiners there have not been able to adequately supply the market; they’ve been falling behind. That ended around Christmastime, and now they’re really catching up.”

    McTeague said “the economics for crude are pretty simple.”

    “There’s plenty of it, too much of it, no real demand; whereas gasoline is more of a finite market. It’s like comparing the cost of a new home versus the cost of lumber: yeah, you need one to build the other, but the total cost for the other is far greater.”

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    In August, Edmontonians were paying approximately $1.20 a litre to fill up their tanks.

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